What “Saving Fantasia” Means

In short, Saving Fantasia is to seek your truest self. The you that still exists under all the layers of pretense and societal conformity. Away from the pressure of outside forces to live an inorganic existence. If all the affliction, anxiety, and addictions in your mind and body were stripped away to reveal the healthiest, most dynamic, life affirming version of yourself, Fantasia is what you would find. It waits for you. It watches in silence and holds no judgement or accusation. It aches for your return.

You are the only one who can save it.

To Save Fantasia means not trying to control anyone but yourself and conversely, not allowing yourself and your actions to be controlled and dictated by others. This does not mean being unaffected by others, but rather, it means not allowing them to paralyze you, manipulate you and control your emotions and feelings about yourself. In exchange for this, you must also let go of your own negative judgements of others. You cannot cultivate their garden or forge their path for them. Let go of the illusion that you can control anything but your own actions and your own life. 

Being the steward of your own life and tending it to the best of your ability is no easy task. It’s much harder than trying to control others but it yields much greater rewards. It takes resolve, commitment, mindfulness, determination, grit. It requires great love, compassion and empathy for yourself and others.

What this blog will be about

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