No idea what to write about

Yeah. It’s been over a YEAR. There were three drafts that I got interrupted in the middle of writing, this will probably be a fourth of those, but I deleted them in anger so this will look like the first… so that’s something.

I miss writing. Time is flying and I am writing none of myself down. Everything is pouring through without being saved. Did I mention I have the memory of a goldfish? I’m gonna treat this like a free write (sort of).

Random things that matter to me right NOW, because I can’t just recount the whole last year. I’m gonna just live in the present long enough to write snippets of it down. You didn’t care about that other stuff anyway… but don’t worry, because the only reader this blog is really written for is me, more specifically, my future self so she can remember what my life was like in these years.

Alright, here we go, rando stuff from the summer of 2018:

1.) My friend, the one with the health scare and the pops who passed away, she’s having a baby soon! 🙂 I’m working on her baby party currently. It’s bumble bee themed. I just ordered 60 cupcakes. She is all over the place on baby boy names. I hope she picks Leland because its rare and it’s my favorite.

2.) We got two new puppies last fall, poodle-shih tzu- Pom mixes, and their hair mats so easily we just had to have them shaved. I am sad to admit that I’m a bit devastated. I never thought I’d be a woman who cried over any haircut and so far that has been true with all haircuts involving my own head. My dogs are a different matter. Thems meh BABIES. Some sadistic woman shaved my babies. It’s ok. Hair grows, Lan, hair grows.

3.) We got Kitty dog on some thyroid meds and she started growing some of her hair back! 😀 Her butt is still bald, ugly and awkward, but I just have to embrace what hair she has left. She is still the most adorable dog ever. Old or not. Bald butt or not. She is still the oldest of my babies.

4.) I have a new old friendship blossoming and I’m excited about it. 🙂 I want to diversify my friendship portfolio so I am not always putting all my eggs in one basket. That’s not fair to the basket and not good for the eggs.

5.) I splurged and got myself a good quality treadmill desk for my office. If this isn’t the final step to me getting healthy and losing the weight I want to lose, apparently I’m just gonna die fat and I’m tired of caring about it. If this is my great war, I can live with that.

6.) I think I am super done trying to read any books on women who have chosen not to have kids because apparently the only ones deemed fit for writing about it are:
a) From New York or California
b) Have chosen show business and/or their career over having a child
c) Don’t seem even remotely familiar to me as human beings.
Who are these women? I’m pretty sure they only exist on sitcoms.

7.) Currently addicted to: La Croix beverages. I hear your sounds of disgust and gagging, and I’m here to let you in on a secret. Add a little vanilla flavored liquid stevia. Boom, everything tastes like really wonderfully flavored cream soda. Give it a shot… you  imaginary other people besides me who read this. Did I just imply that I’m imaginary? Eh, you get the point.

8.) Currently trying to eliminate fast food and McDonald’s breakfast habit… AGAIN, and doing quite well making my lunches for the whole week on the weekend. Fighting!!!

9.) Speaking of “Fighting”, also currently addicted to K-dramas. American tv has gotten so unwatchable, I am reaching out to things with subtitles. True story.

10.) I’ve been defeating my tendency to procrastinate things I really dread doing by keeping a book of an ongoing to do list and scheduling one really annoying or time sucking thing a week. Last week: Have the dogs groomed. This week: Car oil change and maintenance. Next week: Eye exam and new glasses! Yep, the world of annoying tasks is becoming my oyster, one week at a time.

That’s all I’ve got right now. THERE. I wrote something, it wasn’t epic. It was probably downright vapid and unreadable. But I wrote a thing. Now, I will continue to do this. For those of you imaginary people that subscribed… You might want to unsubscribe for at least a little while. It’s gonna be rough going for a bit until I find some inspiration for good stuff to write about again. Probably on a par with the first seasons of the Office or Parks n Rec. Don’t do that to yourself.

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