Battling Boredom

A few weeks ago, one of my rather curmudgeonly residents wished to express appreciation for my finally getting him a new stove. He had been requesting one for a while but I was having issues justifying the purchase because his old one works perfectly well, it’s just old.

Anywho, by way of appreciation for this he brought me a visitor’s guide to my fair city, Springfield, MO. I kind of chuckled inwardly because I’m pretty sure these are free. He beamed as he handed it to me. He complains so much on a regular basis, I had thought it an impossibility for him to show gratitude for anything.

After I say thank you, of course he immediately starts complaining about something else, thus dimming the novelty of this moment. I thumb through the visitor’s guide as he is complaining about needing grass seed spread around the dirt close to his apartment. As I skim I realize that there is quite a bit that I didn’t know about Springfield. More specifically, there is kind of a lot that I haven’t done. How can I dare to dream of living somewhere else when I had not fully explored the place I have lived in for the past 15 years?

Kierkegaard said that “Boredom is the root of all evil.” and even described it as “the despairing refusal to be oneself.” Tolstoy defined boredom as “the desire for desires.” Both of these definitions suited me and I find that they gnaw at me. This winter has been one of utter stagnation for me. It’s been a bit miserable, but not due to extremity of cold. The weather here has been wonky and can’t seem to make up its mind which season it wants to be.

Depression has hit us all pretty hard. While I do wish Winter had been colder and frozen so much more often to keep us from having to battle so many bugs and allergies in the upcoming months, I am aching for the renewal of Spring. It has seemed like both a very long winter and no winter at all. Like weather purgatory. Just waiting for the real season to set in, whatever that may be.

Regardless, I said all that to tell you that I am going to start trying new things here in town and writing about them. This can be as small as trying a new food to as big as biking the local Greenway trails (which I have always wanted to do!) or going to the opera or the ballet! Hopefully, these new experiences will help with the depression and make the time in between vacations seem less dismal.

In honor of daring to do what I dream, I went out today on lunch and bought myself a shiny new bike. It’s a $99 department store special, but it rides smoothly and I am ready to explore! Next will come a bike rack for the back of my car. I am hoping to start biking several places near me on the weekends. Might even get a little pull behind buggy for the doggies. :3  Dreams are waiting.

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