Lovely Chai Tea, No Sleep For Me

Went out for Indian food with me bestie this night. I had been so good. NO caffeine for 12 days! When it comes to chai tea, I only like legit Indian chai tea. Made by real Indians! From India! 🕌👳🏾❤️ Accept no substitutes! A barista shall not do. 

We had a delicious Vegetarian dinner for two. Many fine courses and enough left over to bring both hubs a full take out box of taste asplosion for to love us much a lot. We is bestest wifies. We shares the tasties. 🍲🍚😋

Only drink options were water, soda, some mixed liquor drinkies and chai tea.☕️ I decided that in the rare instance I got to go to my favorite Indian place, I would break the no caff pact and have my legit Indian beverage in all its glory. #nocaffeine2k17FAIL

And now, friends, I am A W A K E. 🔆

Miserably so. 😩

It’s 2:38 A.M. Why, Cardamom, WHY!?

Sweet lady of slumber, why hast thou forsaken me! My legs are twitchy, my skin is itchy, and I can’t stop alligator death rolling in my blankets! 🐊

This small amount of caff wouldn’t have affected me so much before quitting, although I did drink it in the evening so that makes me an idiot of elephantine proportions. 🐘

The only positive I am taking from this experience as I lie here with my legs and arms coursing with the vile demon speed leaf brew, thoughts racing to bejesus and back, is that my tolerance for caff is way down. Yep. That’s all I got. 😓🔫💔😴

Can’t wait to be miserable, exhausted crabby pants mahoney tomorrow…. err… TODAY. 😑

3 thoughts on “Lovely Chai Tea, No Sleep For Me

  1. I’m such a caffeine junkie! I actually only tried real chai recently. My husband and I went to an amazing Indian restaurant while we were away in North Carolina and I ordered it. It was phenomenal! I see why you broke your no-caffeine rule for it 🙂

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