Energy Slumps & Teeccino

Note: I wrote this last week but thought I lost it. So I published it today after one I was writing with very different content. In case you were wondering why I was slumping on the same day I am noticing positive changes. That’s why. This post is 4 days older than it was posted to be.

Today was horrible. So tired all day. Maybe its just a coincidence. The weather finally warmed up, I should probably go for a walk.
Anyway! I dug out some Teeccino that I bought a year ago or so. I have Hazelnut, Java and Chocolate flavors. Tried the Chocolate today. Would be better if prepared like a real latte. I may shoot for this tomorrow. It’s amazing what you cam get used to when you have resigned yourself to a life without coffee.
Check out these nutrition facts. This stuff is pretty legit. You can get it at a health food store or buy it online. I’m looking forward to trying the Java.

Not feeling the “Natural Energy Boost” just yet though. We’ll see on that. šŸ––šŸ¼

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