5 days off caffeine so far

Just a quick post on my recent adventures in no caff living. #nocaffeine2k17

I still have energy! You always assume you wont have much if you give up caffeine. Actually I think the opposite is true. Also, its easier to get out of bed in the mornings now. I am even getting up when my first alarm goes off without being agitated. That happened today and I just meandered around the house in an uncharacteristically unrushed manner, not knowing to do with all the extra time.

The morning grogginess is diminishing. That sensation where the back of my head used to feel heavy and my joints like they were filled with cement, is also lessening. I assume this is recovery from some pretty long term dehydration because caffeine is a diuretic. I think I’m drinking a lot more water now that I don’t have a lot of other options.
Cutting out my morning latte and lunch iced teas has also drastically reduced my sugar and dairy intake. So that’s a positive side effect of this set of choices so far. My doctor says the combination of caffeine and sugar together is a big factor that causes a lot of weight gain. All I know is I scowled at a completely innocent pink lemonade today. Apparently these are my exciting drink choices now. 😐 YAY. 
I do feel a bit less anxious, although its kind of difficult to tell that much of a difference because it’s a bit of a stressful time at work right now so I have some concerns and problems that aren’t really avoidable. I will say that the edge of irritability I usually have has lessened considerably. I also feel much less impulsive. Is that strange? Maybe not.

Also, I’m not ruminating as much! That’s kind of huge. That’s something I do a lot without realizing it. You could call me THE RUMINATOR. Except instead of me its the persistent, paranoid, worrisome thoughts that will “BE BACK.”
That’s all I have for now. Hopefully soon I will check in and tell you I have started losing weight due to the absense of a multitude of factors that were being caused by caffeine consumption. I know this isn’t a magic answer, but what if it’s like the house that Jack built and this is the very first causal factor that many of the other causal factors stem from? I have it on good authority that it might be. Until next time…

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