Complete Lack of Goals

I just finished my afternoon walk and did so while listening to a new podcast, the most current episode being on goals. That’s when I realized that other than this recently revived goal to walk 2 x 20 minute walks every day again, I have zero other goals in the other areas of my life. Like really. I don’t have any. Apparently I’ve gone into existence mode again.

All the times of my life where I remember being so proud of my accomplishments were when I had clearly defined goals and set out to achieve them. Right now as I write this, thinking about my goal of losing 20 lbs for my sister’s wedding in 3.5 months, I am snacking on honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces again. However, I’m also snacking on almonds and drinking water, so that balances it out, right?

Other than the walking I feel completely blank. Hopefully this rather thick layer of winter induced apathy dissipates soon. It took me 3 full months to lose 20 lbs last time. No time for mindless snacking and butt sitting, man, no time! Oh. That’s a lot of pressure. I’m not there yet. Let me get through another week or so of walks. Maybe the sunlight will help.

Until next time, I’ll be thinking about goals I can set for myself. Goal #1 is to get moving again. That should clear away the grumpies I’ve been in. How about setting a water goal too. That’s 2 goals! #progress Also, on a side note, I didn’t eat any McDonald’s today. This means something.

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